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We live in an era where most websites are finding support with WordPress. SEO optimized content makes the websites rank and a great stable WordPress acts as a pillar of support for the site. But let’s not forget that none of this would be at all possible without a reliable web hosting service. This is solely the reason why many web hosting services these days are focusing exclusively on hosting WordPress and SEO driven websites. WP Engine is no different. Although it has not been around for very long, launching only in 2010 – it has managed to make a very stable and prominent position for itself in the web world. It takes pride in being one of the top best web hosts for WordPress sites in 2018.

WP Engine Quick Overview

  • WP Engine is an exclusive WordPress web hosting service. The WP engine server is best known for offering a wide range of web hosting service plans.
  • It is best known for its super speedy and fast web hosting service that is 100% hassle-free.
  • It is designed to be capable of taking up anything with its efficient high speed.
  • If the WP engine fuels your website as a hosting server – you will never have to worry about your site getting hacked again.
  • Another highlight feature for this hosting is its 24/7 engaging customer services that makes it a clear winner.
  • Let’s not forget about some of its most prominent features that make it such a worthy choice for modern day users including daily regular backups, compact storage, foul-proof security protection, one click restore access points and automated software updates.
  • WP Engine offers a comprehensive solution to all business providers and customers who are not keen on taking up the technical overlooking part for their website. WP Engine covers it all for them.

Proficient Customer Service

One of the best things about WP Engine hosting is that it comes with a very promising customer service. As far as the customer service response is concerned – it is par excellence. The team of customer representatives are available at all times of day and night. You can approach them 24/7 and ask them possibly anything imaginable about the service plans, prices, installation and similar queries. Everything is addressed with a seamlessly quick response.

60 Day’s Trial with 100% Money Refund

One highlight feature for the WP Engine hosting plans is that all of them come with a full money refund guarantee. So you have the chance to claim for a full refund of money up to 60 days’ tenure. This is much in contrast to the ordinary 15 to 30 days that other plans offer as trial period.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

The thing about WP Engine hosting plans is that it offers a wide range of hosting services to cater to maximum consumer audience needs. The WP Engine services are further sub-categorized into five hosting plans. These include

  • Personal plan
  • Business plan
  • Premium plan
  • Professional plan
  • Enterprise Grade plan

Each plan has somewhat many similar features. However, there are a few things that set one hosting plan apart from another. This includes

  • Targeted traffic audiences
  • Number of times WordPress has been installed or run
  • Backup and Storage space
  • GIT control versions
  • PHP file transfers and data sharing


The pricing for the plans is not exactly cheap or affordable. However, WP Engine claims that its valuable features definitely make subscription to plan worthwhile. The pricing for each plan is as following.

  • Personal plan starts at 19.95 USD per month
  • Professional and Business plans come at a post-paid membership
  • Premium and Enterprise plans offer the first 1K GB of CDN free of cost whilst every next GB is charged at 0.12 USD per GB of usage


  • The web hosting plan offers foul proof security to users unlike any other hosting plan
  • It offers extreme reliability to subscribed users by catering to a wide range traffic audience
  • This website offers 100% support to WordPress sites


  • The plans are much overpriced
  • There are no built-in plugins and all need to be purchased separately
  • It does not support sites on any other devices other than personal computers

Final Verdict

Let’s summarize everything we have come to know about this web hosting server by far with a final verdict. WP Engine is hands down one of the best server’s out there that comes with extremely promising uptime. One of the basic things about any web hosting plan is the uptime that users worry about and WP Engine surely has got that area covered. There are many highlight features of the WP Engine web hosting that makes it such a superlative and promising host for all SEO optimized and WordPress websites in general. There are definitely a few letdowns that can be upgraded but all in all – WP Engine makes for a wonderful and reliable web host for customers.

7.3 Total Score

Load time: 758ms
Uptime: 99.9%
Security: Excellent
Technical Support: Average
Price Plans
  • Managed WordPress Host
  • Unlimited monthly data transfers
  • CDN & SSL included
  • Daily backups
  • Malware scanning
  • Useful Staging Area.
  • Very Expensive
  • Limited storage
  • Small traffic allotment
  • Lacks email
  • Doesn't sell domain names
  • No Web chat support
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