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A2 Hosting Review 2018 – An unbiased review from Web Gurus

A2 – What?

Yes, they are not a very famous company. Not many people know about their business operations, but in terms of features, one sentence for them.

They are simple “WOW”

They claim to boost their speeds as much as 20x. Formerly known as Iniquinet, they have been around 2001.

Their data centers are scattered in the world, including US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


This is the time a machine keeps running. In terms of web, this means the time your website’s up. If your web host’s servers are awesome and don’t suffer a downfall, your website may experience a 100% uptime.

While 100% can be achieved, it is extremely rare and seems impractical. The coolest thing about A2 hosting is that they have achieved uptime near to perfection.

Their average uptime is 99.92%, which is better than by 0.13% of industry standards.

Speed Matters

If you are looking for speed, HANDS DOWN, GO FOR A2 Hosting. They literally provide the fastest web speed, in terms of loading.

Their average speed of loading a webpage is 392ms over a tenure of 1 year. This makes them 200% faster than the industry standards.

Not only they offer fast speed, they offer it at a constant rate. They achieved the impossible speed marks by limiting the number of people on ‘shared networks.’ Their additional functionality stores information inside the people’s browsers (which limits the number of times people have to go back and implement a decision).

Free Security

While some sites may give additional security features, ultimately they charge for most useful plugins.

A2 Hosting provides an awesome utility known as “HackScan” – The best part is that the service is ABSOLUTELY FREE. It provides virus scanning, web hosting firewall, brute forces defense and 24/7 security monitoring.

Wow Customer Support

A2 may not be known by many, but they have a standard to maintain. Their customer support is friendly and very much knowledgeable.

Reach them via phone, chat, email or ticket submission – rest assured that their 24/7 customer care representatives will solve your problem, as early as possible.

Free Web Transfers

If your website uses cPanel (which most websites do) Congratulations – you have the facility to freely transfer from one host onto another.

Free is good in a sense, because “BlueHost” charges money for this feature and you don’t have to do anything for yourself. If you are not very technically sound, you just have to avail the option and agents will take care of the rest.

A2 Takes Care of Planet Earth

All of A2 servers are “carbon neutral” because they purchase carbon offsets. By using carbon offsets, you reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Their company was also one of the first to use SSD drives and that’s cool because these drives consume less energy than traditional HDDs.

You Get What You Pay for

With all the cooler things you get by using A2 Hosting, there’s a catch. It is a little expensive. While shared hosting accounts start at 3.92 dollars per month, reseller hosting takes 13.19 dollars per month and offers you establishment of individual accounts and WHM control panel.

Three extensively used plans are discussed in detail below:

Lite Plan: This is the 3.92 dollars/month plan. You get 1 domain name, 5 subdomains and 5 databases along with 25 email accounts.

Swift Plan: It starts with 4.90 dollars/month. A little expensive than its peers but you get unlimited websites, databases and email accounts.

Turbo Plan: Starting at 9.31 dollars/month, it is similar to swift plan but you also get HTTP/2 and SPDY support.

1 Click Setup

All the popular CMS (content management systems) like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal can be utilized via “1 click setup”. Let A2 take care of your technical problems. Just press 1 click and VIOLA…website takes care of the rest.

A2 Optimized WordPress plugin comes pre-installed if you opt for “Turbo Plan”.

Free CDN

Thanks to A2, you get to use content delivery networks, which are provided you FREE OF COST.

The cloudfare will route your website to the path of least resistance. This gives your website additional speed.

Money Back Guarantee

In the end, like most web hosting companies, A2 Hosting also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like any service, simply cancel your service and have your money back. However, it is important to know that services like domain registrations, setup fees and SSL certificate) are not refundable, but this is also common with other web hosting guarantees, so it’s all chill.

9.8 Total Score

Load time: 472ms
Uptime: 99.9%
Security: Excellent
Technical Support: Live Chat (avg. response - 10min)
  • Solid State Drives
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Support: Live Chat (avg. response - 10min)
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