WordPress Hosting

WordPress Dedicated Hosting 101

When you are working on developing a website and most particularly a WordPress website – that is in a lot of demand these days – one of the most crucial parts is selecting a hosting plan for your web.

There are many different web hosting plans that are being offered by host providers to facilitate varying customer/client needs. This includes managed, cloud and VPS hosting. However, when we talk about WordPress website hosting – the ideal choice is a dedicated web hosting plan.

Purpose of Web Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting, just like any other web hosting plan will offer you the chance to publish your website (all content included) on the internet. A web hosting plan is mandatory to make the website accessible by the audiences.

About Dedicated Web Hosting Plan

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting. This particular term ‘dedicated’ is used to refer to web hosting plans or packages that are meant to serve a variety of services and resources to a single client. The entire idea for this package is to offer high end services only intended for a single client, hence depicting ‘dedication’ towards an individual.

WordPress Dedicated Web Hosting

When we talk about WordPress websites, the best plan suitable for such sites is indeed dedicated hosting. This is because WordPress sites cater to a large number of traffic audiences. However, WordPress web hosting providers are not only restrained to dedicated web hosting plans. They are also offering VPS and shared packages for anyone who would be interested.

What Are Dedicated Plans Suitable For?

Dedicated web hosting plans are ideally suitable for large-scale companies and enterprises. Websites i.e. WordPress sites in particular that entertain a large number of visitors are recommended to opt for the dedicated web hosting package.

Highlight Features of WordPress Dedicated Hosting

With WordPress dedicated hosting plans, there are number of highlight features that should be highlighted.

  • It caters to a large audience base for the website. This is huge for a WordPress site.
  • These plans enable the user to get in direct control of the web server. This gives them the chance to customize or personalize configuration settings as per their preferences.
  • There are further two sub-categorizations of the dedicated web hosting plans: managed and non-managed.


When we talk about the cost of the WordPress dedicated web hosting plans, they are definitely pricier compared to other hosting plans. However, there is no definite cost that can be quoted for this plan. The total cost or price highly depends on many factors including storage space, bandwidth and RAM usage.

Software Compatibility

Software compatibility is often a problem for dedicated web hosting plans for WordPress sites. This is because with such a wide array of features and specifications – not all software are able to sync right into seamless functionality with the web. Stability of the software is often a valid problem with dedicated hosting plans. Hence, the user or client must be willing to make some additional expenses to get a compatible, stable and supportive supplement.