JustHost Review 2018 – An unbiased review from Web Gurus

(If I could get a dollar for insulting this company, I would be a millionaire)

JustHost == Just Who?

JustHost is a web hosting company which was founded by Chris Phillips. Moving forward to 2012, it was acquired by EIG *sighs*

While EIG owned web hosting companies are notorious for their services, let’s see how good JustHost lands on our review!

Talking About the Goodies

NOTE: This review might seem strange because we haven’t talked about the ‘Big three’ – speed, uptime and performance. We’ll get to them in a bit, but first, let’s talk about positive aspect of JustHost.

  1. Instant Signup Process

A lot of web hosting companies offer a tedious sign up process. You can almost hear yourself, mumbling about slow progress.

JustHost is nice, in a sense that it offers instant server provisioning and the easy signup facility is accessible on all plans i.e. premium, VPS and shared hosting.

  1. Free Domain Names with Free Script Library

No matter what plan you choose, you get a free domain name. Simple as that!

When you buy a website, you obviously use it for a person. If it is for some business, after getting a domain name, you want to modify it according to your needs for example commerce stores, spreadsheets, phpBB etc.

JustHost provides you a library which has numerous scripts. Access SimpleScripts and install whatever you want on your website. The script is an easy way of promoting coding and the method is cool in a sense that you don’t need technical knowledge to modify your website now.

  1. Security Steps Are Nice

JustHost claims that if you do not know how to clean malicious files, you can always contact their team. But in most cases, that won’t be necessary.

The web host company has taken good measures to improve security. SiteLock provides dashboard reports, email alerts, verifiable security badge and 360 degree scanning.

If a threat is detected, you will receive instant alerts.

Why JustHost Fails to Impress Us

  1. Uptime

Uptime is the time a machine keeps running. In case of a web hosting company, it means the company’s ability to make a website available.

The average Uptime of JustHost is 99.89%. It is not bad, considering the industry standard is 99.79% But it is also not very efficient, seeing the uptime of top web host companies existing around 99.97, 99.98% respectively.

  1. Below Average Loading Time

Internet says that if a website fails to load in under three seconds, it loses 50% of its visitors.

Sadly, the speed of loading a page on JustHost servers is 1429ms, which is slower than industry avergage of 1185ms.

And, sometimes even top companies experience a speed downfall but it’s okay. The not-so-okay part is that JustHost continuously experiences a slow loading time for its websites.

Their down the drain consistency is a huge turn off for us.

  1. Pathetic Customer Support

Our team wonders about the skillset of customer care representative of JustHost. Not only they take longer to connect, they fail to satisfy most of their customers.

One prominent complain regarding JustHost is that they do not expressively explain the solution of a problem to the customers. Instead, most of the time, they simply redirect the customers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

  1. Constipated Backups Are Offered by JustHost

You might question the word “constipated” but really – this is the best word we found in our dictionary to explain the doings of JustHost.

While most websites offer daily backups, JustHost offers weekly backups. The worst part is that even their weekly backups are not guaranteed.

So,What Does That Mean?

  • Are they offering a service and then, not standing by it?
  • Are they not confident over the level of provided service?

Honestly, just like you – we are speechless.


Basic plan costs 3.49 dollars per month and provides 1 website, 50 GB hard disk space and support of 5 e-mail accounts.

Plus, plan is offered at 5.95 dollars per month and supports 10 websites with 150 GB hard disk space and support of 100 email accounts.

Prime plan is the best functional plan of JustHost. For 6.95 dollars per month, you get a support of unlimited websites, email accounts and storage. You are also facilitated with 1 SSL certificate, 1 dedicated IP and 1 premium backup option.

What Should You Do?

Using JustHost is not recommended because of two reasons:

  • Very low speed.
  • With everything they are offering, you can get much better service for the same price from other companies.

It is fair to say you should read about your other options before you opt for JustHost.

7 Total Score

Load time: 1,374ms
Uptime: 99%
Technical Support
Price Plans
  • Instant Server Provisioning
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Google and Bing advertising credits
  • Free Domain Name
  • Good Security
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Customer Support
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