Kinsta Hosting 2018 – An unbiased review from Web Gurus

Kinsta is a web hosting service that was originally found by Mark Gavalda. This platform offers a superlative experience for modern day users by managing WordPress platforms very seamlessly. This web host surely offers an amazing usage experience to the people and is also termed a great valued investment by many users who have prior experience with this web host. Want to find out more about it? Read this Kinsta hosting in-depth review below!

  1. Encryption with SSL Certification

There is a pretty simple laid out platform that offers you a chance to encrypt your data with easy installation of SSL certification along with it.

  1. Preferred CDN

Whilst there are other hosting servers that have pre-decided on CDN’s – such is not the case with Kinsta. It offers subscribed users a full opportunity to choose a CDN of personal preference. These is a wide list of WordPress plugins available for users to choose from.

  1. Automated Backup Storage

Backup and storage is not a very unique feature but Kinsta still manages to make it different from the rest with backup of all content created automatically the very instant without any server overheard restriction.

  1. Free-Of-Cost Migration

If you are not satisfied with the services in the long run (which is least likely to happen) then you have the chance to migrate from one host server to another without any hidden costs or charges.

Other Highlight Features

  • The Kinsta host takes care of all your tech relevant content and supervises effective management
  • It is an extensive and intricate platform that promises supreme services for optimization of WordPress sites
  • All plugins are built-in and there is a wide list of options available for users to choose from
  • The server works with structural support from Google Cloud platform
  • It supports automated backup and date storage with instant functioning
  • There is around the clock customer support available

Kinsta Hosting Plans

Whilst there are over 8 subscription plans offered by Kinsta – the most popular ones that stand out are four. Below is a quick overview of the plans.

Subscription plan 1

  • Up to 80 GB storage
  • 40 WordPress site server
  • Up to 5 free of charges migration
  • Automated scaling
  • PHP 7/HHVM
  • Cost: 600 USD per month

Subscription plan 2

  • Up to 120 GB storage
  • 60 WordPress site server
  • Up to 5 free of charges migration
  • Automated scaling
  • PHP 7/HHVM
  • Cost: 900 USD per month

Subscription plan 3

  • Up to 1200 GB storage
  • 80 WordPress site server
  • Up to 5 free of charges migration
  • Automated scaling
  • PHP 7/HHVM
  • Cost: 1200 USD per month

Subscription plan 4

  • Up to 1500 GB storage
  • 100 WordPress site server
  • Up to 5 free of charges migration
  • Automated scaling
  • PHP 7/HHVM
  • Cost: 1500 USD per month

Pricing Overview

Kinsta hosting takes pride in offering almost around eight hosting plans to match up to varying need of the customers. The idea is to design customized solutions for people who are seeking this sort of help on web. Whilst the cost is not exactly ‘affordable’ but if you take all its features and functions in to consideration – it is pretty clear to see that the services start at a decent price with only 100$ per month cost. There are multiple diverse plans all that start at different costs i.e. 200 to 1500 USD accounts for one-month billing. The equation at Kinsta is as simple as it could be – pay as much as you want to avail.


  • This website offers great first impression for WordPress hosting
  • The setup and structure for the web hosting plan is very comprehensive and well laid out
  • It supports easy migration of content from one platform to another seamlessly
  • The DNS settings are very much planned out and made easy
  • There are various subscription plans available for the users to choose from


  • The prices are a tad bit higher than what you would find for other similar plans on the market.
  • It is not ideal for website’s that are just starting off as the features can be a little intricate
  • This is not the best option when you aim to target a lower traffic audience

Final Verdict

If you have had any prior experience of using this amazing web hosting server, you must agree that it is hands down one of the most amazing ones that you will find available on the market currently. To start with, it is a great value plan for your money with promising features and efficient outputs. Secondly, there are a wide range of subscription plans that are available for the users to choose from and all plans are better than the last one. The service plans deliver 100% just as seamlessly as they promise to. The performance is as seamless and high end as you would expect it to be. Moreover, the customer support is a through and through winning point for this amazing web host. There are never any worries for unwanted technical issues or even a single second of downtime that you have to deal with. All in all, this web host is as amazing as you would hope it to be.

9.8 Total Score

Load time: 232ms
Uptime: 99.9%
Security: Excellent
Technical Support: Live Chat/ Phone: 24/7
Price Plans
  • Fully Managed WordPress Web host
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Daily backup
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Free Migrations
  • Free CDN
  • 15 global locations
  • PHP 7 and HHVM support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 24/7 support
  • Staging area
  • Costlier compared to competitors
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