Shopify Review 2018 – An unbiased review from Web Gurus

The following is a comprehensive review of the popular and handy Shopify building tool. Offering a complete e-commerce solution for web-based users, Shopify offers complete help and assistance to modern-day users working on building their online platforms. We talk about the prominent features, Shopify plans, pricing, advantages and disadvantages associated with this website builder in this review below.

About Shopify Web Building Tool

Shopify is a web-based application that is used as a website building tool. The main purpose, understandably of Shopify is to assist you in creating your own online stores and sites. It is best suitable and basically intends for e-commerce (product selling) websites. As an intricate website builder, it is offering you a vast range of templates, themes and other technical designs.

Service for Non-Experts

The main idea of Shopify is to assist the non-technical and non-web expert type of people in easily creating a comprehensive website on their own.

Service for Experts

If you are an expert, professional or have any familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technical web skills – you will surely be able to enjoy editing and crafting your site brilliantly using this web building tool.

  • Web Interface

If the interface for this website builder worries you – you need to not worry about this feature. One of the strongest features of Shopify website builder is its widespread and user-friendly interface that engages the customers. For better understanding of the functionality of the web, there are several demo videos available for ease of customers as well.

  • Customer Support

One of the most promising features of the Shopify website builder is the comprehensive and reliable support that it offers to its customers. This is rare but truly a great thing that most consumers look for. Luckily, customers have a chance to have access to reliable and helpful customer service at all times of day and night.

  • Theme Store

Another highlight feature for this website is its in-built app store. This app store allows users to access a wide range of professional and creative themes, layouts and templates for users. The variety is definitely a winning feature for users.

Shopify Plans and Pricing

The following is an overview of Shopify plans.

  1. Basic Plan

Basic Shopify is a basic package that provides access to a well laid out website platform with access to two master accounts. Starting price for this plan is 29 USD per month.

  1. Shopify Plan

Shopify is the standard plan that is available on 79 USD per month billing. This plan offers all basic plan features with 20+ additional features at a 20% discount.

  1. Advanced Plan

The bucket e-commerce solution plan is the advanced Shopify plan. These bulk services are available at 299 USD per month post-past billing.

Bonus Plans

In addition to the basic three plans, there are also two other plans that we like to call the bonus plans and you can also consider them to be the exclusive plans. The details for these plans are as following.

1.Shopify Lite

Shopify lite is an ideal plan for people who do not need a website building tool for their entire site but do want to sync in their exiting e-commerce website with their social media platforms. It is available for as low as 9 dollars per month pre-paid billing.

2.Shopify plus

Shopify plus is not a standard plan in itself but is rather an add-on to your existing plan. This allows you to add features or services to your existing plan with easy pricing.

Free Trial

All plans come with free trial periods of up to 14 days. This means that you will not need to have any registered account nor will you need to sign up on the web. If you are a first-time user, you have the chance to access all plans or any individual plan of choice with a free trial period of up to 14 days.

Final Word

So here is our final verdict for the Shopify website builder tool. There are many restrictions that the users have complained of when they have tried using this website builder professionally or for personal blog buildup purposes. So, there are definite restrictions that users have to face if they are using Shopify for professional website buildups or personal blog. But with that being said – this does not mean at all that this website is not worthy.

In fact, it is a great, simply amazing website building tool for e-commerce and other websites. This should not be taken lightly too because only if you understand the complexity of building up a comprehensive e-commerce website, you would realize what a big task has become easy and all thanks to the Shopify website builder only. The price is not exactly low or even affordable. But are the quality services being offered by Shopify worth it? We definitely think so. You can try using it for yourself to decide better.

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