Cloud Hosting

What You Should Know About Cloud Hosting

Registering a website and opting for a particular hosting plan can be a little daunting for you, particularly if you are not familiar with the technicality of the process.

But first, let’s talk about how websites and other plans work.

When you want a website, you need a domain name and a hosting plan to register.

Normally there are three plans.

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Inside the shared hosting plan, you get to pay a monthly or a yearly ‘rent’ of using services. Your website along with other websites of other people use shared resources of a specific server. That 1 server is responsible for hosting many websites (hence the name share). Whether your website is running or down, perfect or fault, you get to pay a static fee.

In dedicated hosting, you get an independent server, just for your website. Your uptime and your security would be better, considering you only have a large server, all by yourself, to use resources however you find necessary but similarly, prices will be larger.

We’ll Now Talk About Cloud Hosting

You can have a private cloud (private network of an organization), public cloud or a hybrid cloud.

Inside cloud hosting, your website is up and running on numerous virtual servers. All of these virtual servers act as a cluster. That means your website is divided into numerous parts and each of it is hosted along the internet via virtual servers. Cloud hosting is awesome because you never have to worry about your website not being available to general public. Even if one or two virtual servers are having a problem, there are other servers which are up and running.

Thanks to cloud computing technology, your website is 100% guaranteed to be up at all costs. The credit of successful cloud computing goes to presence of many servers.

Unlike shared hosting, you are not bound to a fixed stature. Cloud hosting works on the principle of ‘you get what you pay for’

Go on – Take more space – utilize more resources and in the end, pay for what you use, which is fair considering shared and dedicated hosting plans charge a fix fee from their clients, if you avail all the facilities or not.


Are you getting a dynamic service? Yes…Then, you will also get a dynamic price plan. Cloud hosting’s price is determined by how much server’s resources are used. If you are using very minute amount of server’s resources, you will end up with a small fee. This allows you to scale your services, depending upon your usage. When demands are low, you don’t get to pay for infrastructure’s cost which is beneficial for your business.

Is Cloud Hosting Good Enough for You?

If you are a dynamic business, in which somedays your usage would be excessive and somedays your usage very minute, cloud hosting is good enough for you.

Getting facilities of enhanced security, uptime and versatile price plans, go for it.