Godaddy Review 2018 – An unbiased review from Web Gurus

When we talk about web hosting, there are quite a few names that emerge as being the top ranking best ones. GoDaddy web hosting has a reputation and brand recognition of its own. GoDaddy is everywhere you see – from the commercials to the websites and the business plans.

It is surely a very predominant and reputed web hosting service that holds many attributes to its accord. In this review, we are talking about this giant web hosting and offer you an insightful glance into all that it is about!

Quick Overview

  • GoDaddy, as you might have already made out from the introduction, is a mega giant in the world of web hosting.
  • It is par excellence and beholds a great customer base with a leadership in the market of domains.
  • GoDaddy takes pride in being the current largest web hosting service provider of present times and has been included as an official entry by WordPress.
  • They are known for being one of the sole providers of high speed and supremely efficient web hosting services to potential customers on a price as low as 1 USD monthly subscription.
  • All add-ons for the web hosting are inbuilt which rules out any hassle or fuss for the customers that are affiliated with the hosting program
  • There are 100+ inbuilt features and specifications that make this hosting plan supremely successful

GoDaddy Web Hosting: Breakdown

So let’s jump into exploring the GoDaddy web hosting service by breaking down its most prominent and dominant features and highlighting them individually.

  1. Cost of Services

The first thing that we would like to begin with is the cost of the web hosting services that are offered by GoDaddy. Now as far as the price goes, GoDaddy is a clear winner in our books. To begin with, there are just so many hosting plans that GoDaddy is offering that makes it possible for it to cater to a wide range of customer audiences. Secondly, it has recently revised its price rates with an introduction of a new tier range. This way it now offers a plan that charges as much as only 1.00 US dollars for a full month’s subscription. So in the cost section, it has clearly overruled other hosting services like BlueHost and HostGator – both of which are notorious for their high prices.

  1. Hosting Plans

An amazing thing about the GoDaddy hosting service is the wide variety of hosting plans that it offers to its customers. The choice of selection is certainly not limited or restricted for users as far as the GoDaddy web hosting is concerned. There are plans that have been divided and sub-divided. Over the years, the team at GoDaddy has only extensively worked to make it number # 1 based on its accessibility by the users. From basic to premium and advanced – the choices are surely various. Today, GoDaddy takes pride in being the number one and largest web hosting service – as per the WordPress organization.

  1. Functionality

As far as the functionality of GoDaddy is concerned, it has been pretty satisfactory up till now. The plan is efficient and the usability is promising – unlike many other hosting plans of similar genres. Technology makes most hosting plans a little daunting for some users but luckily, GoDaddy is a life saver in this regard.

  1. Customer Support

The one thing that the customers are constantly in need for with technology crafted web hosting plans is efficient and effective customer support. GoDaddy is your go-to hosting plan if you are an amateur and are constantly relying on customer support to get your through the daunting web world. The customer service department is offering around the clock, LIVE customer support with 24/7 access and multiple modes of customer service.


  • The uptime with GoDaddy is one of the most promising you will get on the markets
  • It offers more than 100+ basic, premium and advanced web hosting plans for the customers to select from
  • The price is the lowest you can find in the world of web hosting – with subscription starting from only as low as 1 dollar per month
  • The customer support is LIVE and tremendous in its functionality and accessibility
  • The add-ons are all inbuilt which rules out a lot of fuss and hassle


  • There is lack of account merges for customer ease
  • It does not offer any auto-updates and auto-installations

What We Think?

There is no doubt in the fact that GoDaddy is indeed the largest web hosting service that is currently available out there. The fact on whether it is the best or not can be debatable but all in all, it is a great hosting service with a lot of independent features that make it proficient and promising.

5.8 Total Score

Load time: 862ms
Uptime: 99%
Technical Support: Live Chat/ Phone: 24/7
Price Plans
  • Low Cost Web Host
  • Slow Server speed
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Poor Server Security
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